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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Define Your Path to 10X Growth in Just 14 Weeks.


Are you looking to rapidly expand your business and increase revenue?

The 10X Growth Accelerator Program offers the perfect blend of intensive support and resources to help you chart a clearly defined and holistic path to substantial growth. Our experienced team of industry professionals has developed a globally recognized, proven curriculum to provide the best opportunity for your company to succeed.

For over five years, 10X has been helping Arkansas companies achieve rapid growth and success. Our track record speaks for itself, with 100% of alumni companies reporting that 10X is an effective and valuable program for developing and implementing a business growth strategy.

Discover Growth Opportunities For Your Business.

The 10X Growth Accelerator Program is a 14-week intensive program designed specifically for tech or tech-enabled companies with the ability to scale if they had the right growth strategy. The curriculum has been developed and refined over the last five years to provide the best foundational principles for scalable companies while keeping up with the ever-changing business and technology landscape.

Our program features key ingredients that give you a competitive advantage:

Develop a Peer Network

Meet & collaborate with other Arkansas small business owners from a variety of industries to get an "out of the box" perspective.

Jumpstart Business Growth

Create & refine an effective strategy for rapid, sustainable business growth so that you can achieve results you never thought possible.

Access to Arnold Innovation Center

Fuel your business growth even further with access to one of the most pristine shared work environments in the state.

Experienced Professionals

Gain 100% equity-free support from some of the best industry experts in the area who will act as your mentors and advisors.

Equipping You To Achieve Your Business Goals In Record Time.

The 10X Growth Accelerator Program is strategically designed to help you develop business growth strategies in 14 weeks so that by the end of the program, you are ready to implement those strategies and achieve exponential growth. Each week, we will get together and block out distractions to create a space where you can focus on your business and break out of the daily grind. Expect to question everything in your business, tackle issues you’ve put off for too long, and create a plan for anticipated issues that come with rapid growth.

Here’s what to expect during the 14 weeks:


10X Mindset

The first week of this growth accelerator focuses on establishing a 10X growth mindset. As you begin to get out of the daily grind and start to work on your business, it’s essential to establish an orientation toward success. Week 1 is the first step.

Set a mutual understanding of expectations for both sides so that you know exactly what to bring to the table and how the advisors will help you.

Introduce the 10X mindset and how you can think about your potential business growth on an exponential scale.

Establish the “why” that drives your business and you personally so that you can remember your true motivations, even when things get tough.


Strategic Growth Planning Process & Organizational Effectiveness

Now that your mindset and motivations are clear, it’s time to begin to plan for 10X growth. We will redefine strategic growth planning and introduce a new method that’s concise and actionable. This plan is how we start to define what you stand for, where you’re going, and the DNA of your organization.

Reveal the 10X Strategic Growth Plan and the seven core tenets that will serve as your organization’s blueprint to achieving your goals.

Define Mission and Vision to establish what you stand for and where you’re going as an organization.

Uncover best organizational effectiveness practices that set you up for success and avoid derailing your growth plan.


Leadership Effectiveness & Culture

As you begin to see your strategic growth plan take shape, it’s important to remember the role of leadership and culture. Effective leadership and a well-defined culture become the driving force of your organization. We will dive deep into the soft skills that must be present to build a high-performing team.

Introduce the concept of situational leadership to balance the demands of effective communication, direction, and support for any leader.

Disspell the stereotype around culture and elevate its importance as a critical component that can make or break your company’s success.

Study how you can define what your business stands for by creating Core Values that your entire team can rally around.


10X Growth Plan Drafting Day

With your Mission, Vision, and Core Values defined, it’s time to lay out the specific steps that will become your path to 10X. In this all-day workshop, you will complete the initial draft of your 10X Strategic Growth Plan. Get unstuck with the guidance of your advisors and achieve breakthroughs with outside perspectives from your fellow cohort members.

Establish long-term targets that create clear action steps and turn your Vision into a destination you can accomplish.

Build supporting short-term goals that give you achievable milestones and make your long-term target less daunting.

Identify the Key Performance Indicators that become the pulse of your business activity and keep you on track.


Unique Value Proposition and Ideal Client Profile

So far, you’ve spent four weeks getting clear on the foundation of your company. The next phase of the 10X Growth Accelerator develops the strategies that become the economic engine of your business. First, you must eliminate the wide-open approach and articulate your specific solution. Then you can pinpoint the best audience that needs what you have to offer.

Reveal strategies that help you think differently about the solutions you provide so you can clearly articulate what makes your business the best.

Focus on what makes your brand relevant and refine that further into a Unique Value Proposition that sets you apart.

Identify the characteristics of consumers that will become your best customers and how you should speak to them for an instant connection.


Developing Your Elevator Pitch

After digging deep into the minutiae of your business solutions, it can feel overwhelming to distill those details into a short, punchy message that your ideal audience will instantly understand. That’s where a well-crafted elevator pitch comes in. You can effortlessly introduce your brand to the world in a way that immediately captures attention.

Overcome the awkwardness of speaking about your business so that you can confidently tell your brand story.

Develop the key talking points that hook your audience and create desire, compelling them to ask for more details.

Discuss the winning characteristics of the best elevator pitches that will help your pitch rise to the challenge.


Digital Marketing

Once you understand your solution and your audience, it’s time to communicate that to the masses. Digital has become the standard for marketing efforts, and there are more opportunities than ever before to reach your audience through the entire customer journey. You need a complete marketing strategy that leads to meaningful conversions.

Establish marketing as a vital part of your strategic growth so you can connect with your ideal audience and have more conversations.

Develop a customer journey that matches your audience’s level of awareness and guides them toward your solutions.

Audit your digital presence against five pillars of digital marketing to give you a detailed checklist of where to optimize your strategy.


Sales Process

Many founders agree that sales are vital to their business, yet they struggle to follow a repeatable sales process. You’ve worked to get an audience interested in your solution – now it’s time to make the sale! The good news is that it is possible to implement a proven sales process for your business.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses across ten focus areas of successful selling so you can identify areas of improvement.

Introduce a four-step selling model that helps you pace your efforts in a way that naturally leads to closing more deals.

Detail common objection-busters and closing techniques so you can stop hearing “no thanks” and start hearing “how do I get started?”


Operational Effectiveness: Scalable Processes

If you push to 10X by simply selling more things and hiring more people, you are bound to stall or collapse altogether without scalable processes. Assess your operations, including people, processes, and technology, and look for optimizations that position your company to handle 10X growth.

Assess the anatomy of your team so that you can spot areas to improve and growth opportunities in your current and future organization.

Learn process mapping techniques that will clarify how you do business so that you can quickly train and onboard your team.

Survey your current technology usage and look for opportunities to better leverage what you have or adopt new technologies.


Financial Health: Managing by the Numbers

As you put your business on a 10X growth trajectory, having a clear picture of your financials becomes increasingly important. You will quickly get past operating on fuzzy numbers and feelings, as potential blindspots can lead to disaster. It is possible to manage your business through a vital set of financial metrics without a finance degree.

Discuss the importance of business acumen so that you can make confident decisions about your daily operations.

Explore the five key drivers of any business and how they link together so you will know exactly where to make adjustments.

Define your break-even point to know exactly how much revenue you need to bring in to keep your business running.


Innovation Readiness & Execution Planning

Creating a protected space for innovation in your organization will keep you from joining the likes of Blockbuster, Kodak, Blackberry, and others that fell behind and ultimately fell apart. You will learn to take a critical look at your business, begin to question everything (in a good way), and have breakthroughs you would have never dreamed of.

Show you how to establish a culture of innovation so that you begin to anticipate change and become the leader of change in your industry.

Identify which business problems are ripe for change so that you don’t waste time on initiatives that won’t move the needle for your company.

Reveal the Innovation Blueprint that guides you through an effective innovation plan so that you can implement the necessary changes.


Digital Readiness

With everything you’ve learned in the 10X Growth Accelerator, digital readiness can be the last ingredient to ignite growth. Businesses in any industry can leverage digital technologies to increase efficiency and productivity in their operations. You will analyze how well you take advantage of technology and uncover new opportunities.

Dispel the confusion and myths around digital readiness so that you can understand where to direct your efforts.

Explore eleven initiatives to leverage digital technologies throughout your organization and increase efficiency.

Identify priority focus areas that will make the most significant impact to start your digital transformation.


Final Presentations of 10X Growth Plan

After 12 weeks of refining your 10X Growth Plan, it’s time to show off your company's future. Share your newly defined Mission, Vision, Core Values, and the Long-term Targets, Short-term Goals, and Key Performance Indicators you will use to get you to your Vision. Finally, declare your brand promise and how you’ll make a difference.

Present your 10X Growth Plan to your peers to practice explaining and delivering your organization’s new direction.

Gain feedback from cohort members to highlight strengths and areas to improve before officially rolling the plan out to your company.

Watch other cohort members present their growth plans so that you can see a variety of delivery styles and messaging.



Most people would call the last of anything a finale. For us, however, it’s just the beginning of your path to 10X. That’s why the last week of the 10X Growth Accelerator is the LAUNCH week. It’s time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished and cheer each other on as you begin your journey to future success.

Celebrate with a reception and enjoy light snacks and beverages with your cohort.

Receive recognition for your hard work with a certificate of completion.

Reflect on how much you’ve accomplished in 14 weeks and prepare for what’s ahead.

Meet Your Advisors

Throughout the 14 weeks, businesses will be supported by experienced professionals who have helped countless companies succeed. These advisors will provide constant support, guiding companies and ensuring their growth strategies are on the right track. 

Glenn Crockett

10X Director

Jeff Standridge

Managing Director | Conductor

Grace Rains

Executive Director | Conductor

Jakob Michaelis

Chief Strategy Officer | Dave Creek Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Your company must meet the following criteria to participate in the 10X Growth Accelerator Program:

  • The company must be tech or tech-enabled with annual average revenues from $100,000 to $10,000,000.
  • The company is based in Arkansas.
  • Your organization is growth-oriented, and you can fully commit to this program in it’s entirety.
  • The owner or C-level team member will be present at every meeting.

The 10X Growth Accelerator is available at no cost for Arkansas-based businesses, thanks to grant funding from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Arkansas is full of companies with the potential to scale far beyond their current state. The biggest problem we see is the lack of an effective strategic growth plan that sets the business up for sustainable growth. The other problem we see is business owners and executives stuck in the day-to-day so much that they can’t get time to focus on the business.

The 10X Growth Accelerator tackles both of those problems head-on, allowing business owners time to focus on the future growth of their company with the team, tools, and peers to support them along the way. The 14-week time investment will pay off exponentially.

The businesses that see the most success from the 10X Growth Accelerator have a business model that is capable of 10X growth. They also – but not always – have a team (as few as 5 employees) and generally focus on B2B sales.

Hear From Our Alumni

Ronnie Joselin
Ronnie JoselinCEO & President of Inspire International
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"10X was an inspiring space for deep reflection, evaluation, and entrepreneurship, with the support of objective experts and vast business experience. This is a must for every business owner who wants to grow their business to a whole new level.”
Bryan Fittin
Bryan FittinFounder of GoRogueX
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"If you're an entrepreneur or business owner that wants to really 10X and grow your business - you have to apply for this program. It is fantastic. I can't tell you enough good things about it."
Brandon French
Brandon French Founder of Payvantage
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"Every business has "missing pieces" that we may not realize are missing until it is too late. 10X forced me to recognize those missing pieces earlier than I would have without intervention. Now, with all the right pieces, we are ready to grow revenue 10X."
Scott Coffey
Scott CoffeyFounder of AccelePay, Inc.
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"The 10X Program is a fantastic resource and opportunity for scaling businesses. I highly recommend it to all qualifying entrepreneurs - it will improve you and your company in countless ways!"
Mallory Van Dover
Mallory Van DoverCo-founder of Data Driven Partners
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"What we learned in The Conductor’s 10x program changed the way we do business. They challenged us to think critically about our infrastructure and forced us to develop a plan to scale. In the 15 months since graduating from the program, our revenue and client base has more than doubled. Kudos to The Conductor’s team for pushing us to think big!"

You're In Good Company.


Now is the time to take your business to the next level with the 10X Growth Accelerator Program. Join other companies across the state of Arkansas that have used this powerful program to achieve their goals of rapid business expansion and increased revenue.

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